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Welcome to ko Bulawayo, an Entertainment Hub. KoBulawayo is a Platform that seeks to promote creatives in Bulawayo.Head over to the Entertainment Section and start streaming our local content as well as keep up to date with latest news and entertainment developments in Bulawayo.


To catalyze and transform the growth of Artists in Bulawayo by being masters of message, brand and sales psychology. Through passion, fun, and integrity, we seek to change the Creative Art Industry by daring to ignite the mind, inspire the spirit and penetrate the heart every single day


To be the biggest platform empowering Creatives in Bulawayo, delivering happiness to our customers and most of all Leading the model community where all can live, work, and play.


Collaboration: Leverage, collective genius, Integrity,
Passion: Committed in heart and mind, Diversity,
Quality: What we do, we do well


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Keep up to date with what is happening in the worlds of Fashion, Entertainment as well as Art 'n' Craft among many other stories ko Bulawayo.

Hamba Juba

Sunset cocktails, good company, an ambiance to murder for and a memory to last a couple of lifetimes. How does one get so lucky to get such a HAMBA JUBA moment koBulawayo ? And grend Read more…

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