The 2nd installment of the Bulawayo Arts Awards #BAAZw is just a month away & a lot is at stake for the organizers this time.

They say you are as good as your last offering & judging by the last event, isiNdebele sithi “okuhle kuyabukwa” & “ukwanda kwaliwa ngaba thakathi”.

The last award show took place on the 30th of June, despite ZBC pulling out on the last minute, the show was a success bagged a staggering amount of online views as it was broadcasted live on Facebook.

You had no option but to love what the organizers had prepared for an audience that has for decades been deemed cursed with hatred for anything locally produced. The city came alive on the night & so did the critiques awaiting to broadcast the event’s flaws to the world, there had been a lot of empty promises from the likes of BNS awards & any similar idea that came up after that previous stunt was to be gunned down.

Hosted live in Bulawayo’s large city hall, the event sprang to life showcasing old & new talent on the well-organized stage.
The red carpet scene was spot on & the performances were as though they had been rehearsed for decades, it was unapologetically Bulawayo, old rivers were awoken, the spirit of ubuntu was hoovering in the city even weeks after the event. Every creative that was watching or heard about the show was somehow motivated to work hardest the following year in case they take home a glorified #baazw.

A month ago @raisdonb announced the 2nd coming of the baazw show set to be on the 26th of May. Already there’s debates on the requested budget, the criteria of voting as well as the content to be broadcasted on this year’s events. Some feel like the event date is way too close as the year has just begun & there has not been much in the entertainment scene since the last awards.

-Will this year’s event outdo the previous event?

-Will ZBC broadcast the awards this time owing to their absence on the last event?

Find out on the next episode of the Bulawayo Arts Awards on the 26th of May 2018. For more information, follow their Facebook page “Bulawayo Arts Awards”