The Cashmere Summer EP is Kbrizzy’s first solo project, and promises to be his breakout project. Featuring top Bulawayo artists like Asaph, Vic Jita, Rockie Doub and Silolamkhonto, it is a production of what Kbrizzy calls “the future sound of the city”. A great fusion of hip hop, trap & a genre dubbed “Sgub’khwela” spearheaded by super producer “Silolamkhonto.”

1) K Brizzy~Shamalama-Intro (2401 downloads)
2) K Brizzy~Running Man (feat. ASAPH) (2632 downloads)
3) K Brizzy~Party kaNyoko feat. SilolaMkhonto (2541 downloads)
4) K Brizzy~Diablo (3454 downloads)
5) K Brizzy~Mami Wami (2761 downloads)
6) K Brizzy~Ricochete Machete (3357 downloads)
7) K Brizzy~Call The SuperHeroes! (feat. ASAPH) (3390 downloads)
8) K Brizzy~I'm Popping (feat. Vic Jita) (3234 downloads)
9) K Brizzy~Imali Yami (2702 downloads)
10) K Brizzy~New Ambition (feat. Rockie DoUb) (2373 downloads)

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