After two years without releasing a full project Maestro IV earlier this year hinted that he was in the studio working on his third studio album,a body of work titled S.C.A.R.S.”its a concept album,a story of survival,a true reflection of my life and the lives of my people”, he said in describing what people can expect from the album.The release date was set,20-07-18 and a few days ago the track list was revealed and to the surprise of many its a double album,19 tracks in total and its out now exclusively on this website. Download below.

01-Maestro IV - S.C.A.R.S [Intro] (792 downloads)
02-MaestroIV - ScarsProd. by Creed.mp3 (760 downloads)
03-Maestro IV - In it to win it.mp3 (761 downloads)
04-Maestro IV - Phusha Phanda Pray (Prod. by Creed).mp3 (752 downloads)
05-Maestro IV - Get the money (Prod. by Real_iance.mp3) (690 downloads)
06-Maestro IV - Hupenyu (Prod. by Maestro IV).mp3 (699 downloads)
07-Maestro IV - Dear Zimbabwe (Prod. by Cash beats).mp3 (722 downloads)
08-Maestro IV - Dream ft Luba ( 9th audio).mp3 (675 downloads)
09-Maestro IV - Sinners petition Interlude (Prod. by Amillion beats).mp3 (632 downloads)
10-Maestro IV - Siyophelela kuphi (Prod. by Maestro IV & Creed).mp3 (617 downloads)
11-Maestro IV - Badman ting (Prod. by Creed).mp3 (686 downloads)
12-Maestro IV ~ Fasa more ft Slim jeez (Prod. by Amillion beats).mp3 (689 downloads)
13-Maestro IV - Double up ft Calvin Treazy (Prod. byT Jeketera).mp3 (747 downloads)
14-Maestro IV - Moja (Prod. by 9thaudio).mp3 (796 downloads)
15-Maestro IV - Badman ting Pt 2 ft Maya & Il Duce (Prod. by Creed).mp3 (657 downloads)
16-Maestro IV - Katalina ft Maya (Prod. by Creed).mp3 (692 downloads)
17-Maestro IV - Musikana Akanaka (Prod. by Maestro IV & Creed).mp3 (676 downloads)
18-Maestro IV - Rasta love ft AnonziXndr (Prod. by Creed).mp3 (708 downloads)
19-Maestro IV - Rolling stone (Prod. by Phanas).mp3 (713 downloads)

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